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Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

Strategies for Digital Marketing that were used many years ago are not applicable in today’s scenario. Digital Marketing requires a change in techniques with every new trend. Every company adapts itself as per the latest technology to attain exponential growth. No company would want to limit itself as far as reaching the digital platform is concerned.

So, to keep you up-to-date with the digital marketing world we at Creative Keedas use some latest Digital Marketing Trends that can be helpful in the growth of the business. 

Digital Marketing Trends

this image represents digital marketing trends 2021

Data Visualization

There is no doubt that people get a better understanding of things through visual content than through words. Clear visualization of business can help clients to understand the company better. Visualization or video marketing is the most effective way for influencing people as visuals are easier to remember than written content.

By using various images, videos, and graphics along with the text can attract more audience. Video marketing should be done in a way that keeps people hooked to the content. For good visual content, certain things should be kept in mind. 

  1. The video should contain eye-catching visuals that keep the audience interested and compels them to watch the entire video. 
  2. Creators should avoid monotonous content which can be in the form of the same structure or same use of graphics as it does not bring much traffic on the site.
  3. The content of the video should be authentic and well organized with all the information that the creator wants to give about the business or a product. Authenticity is one of the major qualities that increase the quality of the video.
  4. Quality matters the most, therefore the quality of the content should not be compromised. Brands should focus on creating high-quality content rather than creating tons of them. 


This one is the most in trend nowadays. Chatbots are artificial intelligence that has built-in conversations and are specifically programmed for customer relations. It is a virtual communication that seems very realistic and the reason behind that is the tree structure that is built-in bots. Chatbots are very helpful when it comes to dealing with customer queries and converting sales.

They come in very handy as they are available 24/7 on the business site without any human interference and it is the easiest way to communicate with people. With the help of these customers get an instant response regarding their queries. It is the fastest growing trend in digital marketing and it provides a hassle-free user experience

Social Media

Social media has become a very significant part of digital marketing. The best way for brands to engage more audiences in their content is to promote themselves on social media platforms. This can be done by building social media communities so that brands can get the engagement of more people.

The type of content plays a major role when social media as a trend is concerned in digital marketing. Sharing content that interests people and encourages them to be a part of the community is a must. Brands can get their team members to promote the business on an individual level which will eventually lead to a larger audience that adds a personalized element to the brand. Another way is to hire social media influencers which is also a very big trend in digital marketing.

There are several influencers with huge followers that can help build an image for the brand by giving their opinions, reviews, and sharing their experience with their audience. 

Search Engine Optimization

Being present on the various search platforms is very important for a brand. Various SEO strategies can help brands to receive heavy traffic on this site. 

  • Keywords: As per the algorithm of Google, keywords are the most important factor in ranking. Digital brand owners have to create a combination of keywords that result in more clicks. We, at Creative Keedas, provide various tools to create a list of master keywords that can help clients to search their site easily.
  • Voice search: Voice search has become more popular than typing in the last few years. Marketers need to provide content that is authentic and gives accurate answers to two voice searches. They can add various trigger words like how, when, why, top, new, good, recipe, define, what, do, types, etc. that can eventually lead people to their site.
  • Featured Snippet: Featured Snippets are also known as no-click searches which are the small text or images that appear on the top of the search result. With the help of featured snippets, people can read the information they need without reading a whole article. In some cases, people find those snippets so informative that they read the entire article for more information. So in a way, a featured snippet increases the reach level of the brand. In this as well creators have to pick certain keywords that increase the chance of people coming to their site. 

We at Creative Keedas can boost search visibility by building SEO for your company which gives you the desired results for your brand. 

Interactive Content

Content that engages more people brings goodwill to the brand. By adding little details to the site can offer a lot to the brand. In this digital marketing trend strategies like games, polls, surveys and contests can be included. People take a lot of interest in these types of dynamic content which will help the company to reach a larger audience.

There are various contests and surveys that can be seen on Facebook that many people engage in and they also share them on their profiles. The sharing of the post increases the chance of more visibility and reach. 

Personalized Newsletter

Last, in the top trends in digital marketing, there are personalized newsletters or personalized emails. Personalized emails are the emails that are sent to customers via their subscription to the site. Most of the sites nowadays ask people to subscribe to them to receive newsletters from the company.

Customers voluntarily give their personal information like a phone number or email ID on which they can receive emails providing information about the new content created by the company.

These personalized newsletters help in better engagement with lead generation customers as people get time to time information about the latest event or happenings of the company, for example informing them about any current sale, webinar, new clothing line, etc via emails. Many brands also send personalized birthday emails or any festival emails which helps in creating trust and personalized relations with the customers

Goal-oriented email templates

Above are the most used digital marketing trends that help marketers to grow their business. These top six trends can help increase reach and bring more traffic to the site. As digital marketing is growing everyday so we follow various trends, strategies, and tactics that keep your site up to date with the everyday changing world.

Dear Readers, If you have any queries/suggestions feel free to reach out to us through the comment section. We would love to hear from our visitors!


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