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The Ultimate WhatsApp Marketing & Automation To Help You Grow Your Business

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Send Instant WhatsApp Message to your Leads

Send a Welcome WhatsApp message to your prospects.

Get Instant Lead Details on Your WhatsApp

Get WhatsApp notification with the details of new leads instantly.

Send Reminders to your Customers on WhatsApp

Keep your customers aware of the latest offerings and updates.

Send Payment Notifications to customers on Whatsapp Instantly

Receive payments on Instamojo, Razorpay, Paypal etc. and send instant WhatsApp notification/invoice to customer

Instant Delivery on WhatsApp even when the reciever has not saved your number

No need to worry about receiver saving your number. The receiver gets a personalised WhatsApp

Send Brochures, Videos & Marketing Material to Leads and Customers

Not just WhatsApp notification on text, but send all you marketing material to your prospects.


Increase in Customer Interactions


Increase in Customer Sign-Ups


Increase in Prospect Site Visits



Who can use this service?

Any business who is generating leads via multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Landing Pages, etc.

How is this different than bulk WhatsApp software?

We are providing you automation only for the people who are interested in your services/products in the form of leads and/or customers. Doing so will never spam your leads/customers as they expect information from you.

I have purchased database of 50000 people. Can I use this service?

Yes and No. This service can be used if you have a valid sending number, valid receiving number and a valid message to send.

However, sending messages to purchased database can put your account at risk of suspension as the receiver doesn’t know about you and may block you. 

But, if you have a database who is your lead and/or customer you can surely send with minimal chances of suspension.

Can my WhatsApp number get suspended?

As per WhatsApp policies, spamming is not allowed. So any number spamming people can get suspended. 

To ensure the safety of the number we send notifications to only your leads and customers who seek services and information from you.

What more value can this service provide?
  1. It automates the whole WhatsApp sending process.
  2. Each WhatsApp message can be personalised addressing the customer name.
  3. Details of each transaction or submissions can instantly be notified on WhatsApp.
  4. The sent messages are visible on your WhatsApp app facilitating instant conversations with people.
  5. Very useful for upsell and reminders.
Can I send festival wishes or offers to multiple numbers?

Yes, festival wishes and offers can be sent with added personalisation for each number. But the numbers should be your existing customers.

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