Digital Marketing Agency vs Hiring in House: Everything you need to know about it in 2021!

Several Companies use various marketing trends and strategies in the right way to expand their business. There are largely only two ways to build a brand in the market, either by hiring a digital marketing agency or by creating a team in the organization itself. Digital Marketing Agencies use innovative and creative strategies to help companies build their brand online through their digital marketing services whereas companies who hire in-house have to put extra efforts to achieve the same level of creativity. Both ways have their pros and cons and business growth is completely dependent on that. Therefore, before choosing either way companies should carefully measure all the factors that benefit them. 

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Digital Marketing Agency vs Hiring in House: The never-ending confusion.

In a digital marketing agency, the company takes the help of an outsourcing agency that performs various functions like building SEO, promoting the brand on social media platforms, etc. There are various advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency to promote and expand your business. 

    1. The major reason companies hire an outside agency to build their brand is that it doesn’t require space to work in the organization. Since digital marketing agencies themselves are the big company they have a proper space to work hence doing hassle-free work. 
    2. The agencies have a lot more experience than any other in-house organization which proves to be beneficial for companies. Since they have worked with various clients they have the expertise of dealing with various situations that might occur while promoting a business. 
    3. Generally, a digital marketing agency is a team of ten to twelve members providing companies with a wide variety of skills. Everybody in the team has a unique perspective which leads to more inputs. For example, our efficient team at Creative Keedas put in innovative and out of the box ideas and strategies that companies can avail to their benefit. 
  • Hiring a marketing agency is an easier option as compared to building an in-house marketing organization because the company gets free of all the creative stress and engagement. By hiring a digital marketing agency, the company can get the desired results as these agencies use the latest tools and tactics to create a digital presence for the company. 
  1. Because of diverse people in an outsourcing agency, we can find people from different fields under one roof. These agencies usually have people hired from fields like advertising, content creation, social media managers, and online marketing managers which saves companies from hiring different agencies for different tasks. Digital marketing agencies are like a larger umbrella that covers every possible agency that helps to build a digital platform for a brand, such as advertising agencies, online marketing companies, social media management companies, and various social media ad companies 


It goes without any doubt a digital marketing agency is best for developing an online presence for a company but it also comes with a little baggage. Few cons may affect the brand.

  • Since these agencies do not have any personal connection or a very clear knowledge about the company it takes them time to get familiar with the real agenda that the company holds. 
  • Digital marketing agencies entertain several clients at one point in time which might lead to a lack of priority towards the company. 
  • In case the company has to change its marketing agency that will lead to a whole new strategic problem which will lead to inconsistency. 

In In-house marketing, the company creates an organization within itself that focuses on digital marketing. There are many advantages of hiring in-house for creating a digital presence for a brand.

  • People working within the company have a better understanding of the brand. They have adequate knowledge of what the company is offering and can offer in the future. Because of the better familiarity, in house organizations can create their strategies by calculating every possible outcome that their brand has to offer. 
  • Hiring in the house is also beneficial because people working in the organization are more focused than in any other digital marketing agency. The main reason for the focus is that these people have the only single brand to look after and therefore they give their 100 percent to help businesses in growing.
  • The in-house organization has all the control in its own hands which gives them the liberty to change or adapt any new tactics without any extra pressure whereas, in some digital marketing agencies, companies cannot acquire much control. 
  • The possibility of a conflict of interest is lesser in an in-house organization as all the people share a common agenda whereas when a company hires an outsourcing agency it might create problems due to differences of opinion between the company and the marketing agency.

Now you might think that hiring in-house is a much better option than hiring a digital marketing agency but as we discussed above that every option has an aspect that is a little disadvantageous for the company. Similarly, hiring in the house also has its cons. 

  • When building an in-house organization for marketing purpose companies hire employees which lead to higher expense as compared to digital agencies. Recruiting people is not an easy task. it is a very time taking process as the HR committee of the company will have to conduct several interviews to hire a deserving candidate. 
  • Small and medium businesses do not have access to the latest tools and technologies to build a perfect strategy for its brand which calls for or expenditure in buying software.
  • Many of the workers of in-house organizations do not have a wide variety of skills which is not at all beneficial for the company. Team members might not be able to match the skills that professional digital marketing agency employees possess. 


So above we discussed the pros and cons of a digital marketing agency and hiring in-house. Now the question that should strike your mind is which way should you choose to promote your business?

Both the outsourcing agency and the in-house organization have their advantages and disadvantages but both of them are the best options when it comes to building a brand on the digital platform. So it completely depends on the company’s situation and variables. And talking about our Digital Marketing Agency, We at Creative Keedas have delivered the best result to 250+ clients and have successfully met all the requirements to expand their business.

Before choosing either way one should consider all the factors that will be beneficial in the future because the marketing of the brand cannot be taken for granted. By considering the cost, budget, team management, and working space company can choose one of the options for its campaign.

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