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10 Email Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Email marketing has been a significant mode of connecting with customers in the marketing field for a very long time. Businesses consider email to be a much better and effective way to engage new customers than social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram. A business’s success is measured by its sales and with the right email marketing, it can generate a higher rate of investment for its brand. With an increase in the user number of emails every year, it is becoming one of the best ways to boost your business. 


We provide marketers with the best email marketing strategies as per the latest trends and millennials to grow their business and build their brand in the crowd. Let’s talk about some effective strategies that you can incorporate in your business to level up your email marketing game. 

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Mobile-friendly emails

Sometimes, certain emails do not open on our mobile phones, or even if they do the fonts and designs are ambiguous that leads customers to show no interest in your brand or even in your mail. Mobile is becoming the total saviour in today’s times, so companies need to optimize their mail for mobile phones to convert subscribers into potential buyers. Make sure your email fits not only the screen space of the desktop or laptop shops but also the mobile screen. To make email mobile-friendly, companies should create mails that fit in just one column and they can also try using small images but bigger fonts which tend to engage with more customers.


Personalized emails

This is one of the best tactics that benefit companies a lot. Personalized emails bring more engagement and have a higher open rate as compared to normal email. Many people think personalization means using people’s names in the mail but it is more than that. It’s about adding little details in the mail that tells people that they are important to you and you want to offer them your best services. In personalized emails, you can send people emails on their birth dates and engage them with your brand in a more effective way. 


Use A/B testing and other features

We have heard about AB testing on Facebook Instagram and other websites but it also works equally in email marketing. Continuously using A/B testing helps companies to understand which type of emails are more engaging. They can use a call to action buttons in their emails, change the format of the subject line with every mail, and can use a different layout for messages. Each change in A/B testing brings in different results, for example, call-to-action increases sales whereas the change in font headlines and images brings in more engagement by the users on your website. Using friendly language in your emails helps in impressively increasing leads. 

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Intertwine social media and email

To make the email marketing game stronger, the best ways to integrate social media with it. A large number of people use social media nowadays which gives you the possibility that your subscribers are also on social media platforms. When you connect both the things you build a stronger relationship with them. People tend to go through various sites and platforms before they make a purchase and look for influencers, social media reputation, and authenticity and social media is the right platform to check a brand’s originality. You can connect your email directly with your Instagram or Facebook page that will lead people to your site and will bring in more engagement.


Wait for the right time

To have successful email marketing timing matters a lot as it increases the open and click-through rate. Choosing the right time to play your email strategy leads to more customer conversion. You don’t have to stick to the fixed timings and can try your ideal timings as no single timing fits every marketing company. 


Subject line

Generally, people open emails when they find a subject line relevant and that is the whole purpose of a subject line in an email. Keeping the subject line to the point is not the only thing that matters but also keeping them short works in the favour of a brand. Subjects that have 5 to 9 characters have a higher open rate so companies should use this strategy for their business and make their subject lines short and catchy. 


Inactive customers

When you don’t provide people with enticing information or an offer they tend to unsubscribe and that is how companies lose a chunk of their subscribers every year. To keep your subscription list going on, make sure you keep your existing customers engaged which is cheaper than engaging new subscribers. Various polls and exciting content can help you in re-engaging your inactive subscribers. It serves as a motivating force for them. 


Bifurcate your subscribers

Every person has different interests. By bifurcating subscribers as per their interest, you engage with them smartly. Email segmentation helps you to keep a larger percentage of your subscribers engaged and happy. When you send them emails in which they would be interested, it helps you to get more clicks and it also leads to more conversion.


Call to action button

It is very important and has proven effective many times that companies add a call to action button in every email that they send. The call to action button compels prospective customers to make a purchase or take any other significant action. It can be in the form of links, by now or click here. It is an effective way to get conversions more than any other strategy. To make a call-to-action button effective, companies must use only one call-to-action in their mail because when they use more than one call-to-action button, people tend to get confused which leaves them disinterested in the email. 


Warm welcome mails

To make new subscribers interested in your brand, companies should send them a welcome email where they can tell them about their brand, invite them on their site and thank them for their subscription. The first mail that is sent to a new subscriber works as a first impression which must be good to keep them engaged in the future. You can also inform them about your future events, any sale that is coming up on your site or any other valuable information that you think will interest them. 



Email is the best medium for marketers to have a personalized relationship with their potential customers which also creates a loyal and trustworthy relationship between both. It is free of cost and it does not require much effort, just the right strategy which we can provide to our clients and help them raise their conversion rate which will ultimately lead to their business growth. By incorporating different tactics and mix-matching all of them, marketers can boost their brand and generate more sales.


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