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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads – 2022

Facebook ads vs Google Ads – The most common question that prevails in the digital advertising space.  As a digital marketing agency, we have come across various clients that ask this question and to all of them our answer remains the same that, “It depends on your business.” There has been a conflict between Google ads and Facebook ads in terms of the best marketing platform, but both have their ways of promoting a business. Choosing the right advertising platform is still confusing for those who have just started their online business promotion. 

We accept that the decision of spending every single penny can be difficult for companies who have allotted limited budgets for their digital marketing. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing which of the two platforms is better for your business in the long term by evaluating their visibility rate, leads, sales, and return on investment rate. We have compiled all the factors on the basis of which you can easily analyze the comparison we have made of these two debatable ad strategies and how you can incorporate them to have a wider marketing strategy. 

Facebook Ads V/s Google Ads

Facebook ads vs Google Ads

Before comparing them on a technical aspect let’s understand the meaning of both the ads.

Google ads

Google has been growing intensively every year and with its ads, business owners tend to grow themselves as well Google ads is the most popular pay-per-click way of advertisement in this advertising strategy you only pay when a user clicks on your advertisement and hear you play with keywords you incorporate few words and phrases that tend to generate results and provide you with a higher rate of investment you pay to find new leads for your business with the help of Google ads. Google ads are famously known as paid search because here companies pay to have new customers. 

Google is a widely used search platform with around 3.5 billion searches every day it provides people who wish to advertise their brand. It lays out an unrivaled rate of users on the platform. Google works on two networks search and display in search companies thousands of keywords in their bidding list that targets their prospective customers. Whereas in a display, advertisers play with visual ads providing them with a larger scale brand awareness without PPC-driven conversions. 


Facebook ads

Facebook ads are popularly called paid socials where people find your company and companies don’t run after them. Facebook ads have become a remunerative element of the promotional strategy on the internet. People reveal too much regarding their interests and their experiences and ads try to engage them according to that. It is widely used by millions of people and thus, has become a platform full of competition and potential. 

On paid social, you find prospective customers as per their behavior, and in things, they find themselves interested in. Facebook ads being a newcomer in the digital advertising world is continuously rectifying its solutions and ways of advertisements every year, setting a benchmark at paid social advertising. With its modern and more natural advertising policy, it has become an integral part of the business’s marketing strategies. Following are the reasons that make Facebook ads the best way to advertise a brand. 

Let’s compare both the ad platforms at various factors to have an in-depth understanding of which platform is better for your business to advertise its brand. 


Google has an enormous reach audience with approximately 5.5 billion searches every day while Facebook has around 1.73 billion active users on its site with Facebook being highly mobile-friendly its revenue is up to 90% making it an opportunity that no company should let go off. The range of audience on both platforms is gigantic, which makes it unfair to determine just one platform to be the accurate one for a company. 

To understand the platform that is right and aligns with the policy of the brand you should consider questions like if the brand you are advertising is search-based or social-based and if the platform that you are choosing has an active number of users related to your brand. Sometimes, even with a larger audience, Google is unable to promote your brand if a user is not searching for your product and with the launch of a new product Facebook is the best platform to spread the word about it. Therefore, it depends on the factors that your business is working on. 


Facebook ads are generally less effective when it comes to converting leads into purchases immediately and Google ads with them out in that case Facebook ads are more oriented towards building a brand where you can socialize with users by creating groups and telling them about your brand. Google arts are most effective when it comes to having a higher purchase rate.


Rate of investment and cost of investment are the most important factors that you should consider before choosing your advertising platform. The cost of investment on Google varies from keyword to keyword and as per the industry around Rs.81.2 is to be paid for each click with an average of Rs. 472 per click. Facebook ads are relatively cheaper than Google ads even in a per click system it is Rs.31.5 every click on a Facebook ad. The average cost per click on Facebook is slightly lesser than Google with an average of Rs. 263 approx.  

CPC depends on two factors: industry and placement. Even though Facebook is cheaper, Google ads are considered better when users make their buying decisions as Facebook is often effective in creating brand awareness. The cost per action of a company determines if a company has a secure rate of investment. CPA also varies on well-targeted ads that can convert leads into purchases in case of CPA also Google beats Facebook in terms of being expensive. 


Google, as well as Facebook, provide different options for targeting your audience of a specific demographic such as age, gender, location, and financial status and even retargeting your existing users. When the targeting options are analyzed, Facebook wins in having a wider and advanced range of targets. On Facebook, you can target the audience as per their interest based on the information that they give to Facebook on their own. Here, you can have detailed targeting in a more synchronized manner that you cannot have on google. Facebook ads help you to target audiences that are similar to your current users by matching the data which is beneficial for the advertisers. 



The format of ads is dependent on the type of the campaign Facebook is certainly a more creative platform that makes it a better platform for creating brand awareness and a trustworthy relationship with customers whereas Google ads have a set of predefined sizes to create a graphic for display purposes. Companies can use extensions to add extra text and information but still, it would have a limited area to explore and create an ad that can catch potential customers. On the other hand, Facebook gives you an option of using visuals and aesthetics to boost your information that many companies take into consideration when they choose the best fit for their advertising agenda. 



To decide the best fit for your campaign companies should ask themselves a few questions, before planning their campaign strategy. If you are looking for immediate sales you may opt for Google Ads and if your vision is to expand the reach of your business, product, or service you may pick Facebook ads as a marketing option.

Generally, the advertising platform also depends on the industry that a company is working towards. If you are working as a B2B or even B2C company, you can prefer google ads, whereas, Facebook ads are considered to work effectively in the case of B2C. B2B also flourishes with the help of Facebook ads if the motive is to remarket a product or target a similar audience.

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