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SEO VS PPC: Which one is more effective for your Business Growth in 2022?

SEO vs PPC: Business growth on digital platforms has become tremendously easy nowadays but to keep the scale of the growth upwards you must choose the right Digital marketing service. The website of a company becomes successful when it gets heavy traffic and in the digital marketing world, there are two main approaches to generate heavy traffic on the site are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). Both approaches thrive towards the same goal but they differ in strategies and the method of work. 

We, at Creative Keedas, provide our clients with the digital marketing services of SEO and PPC both but that doesn’t mean this article will be pushing you to adopt either of the services as your marketing service. This blog will be completely unbiased and will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of both the digital marketing services and then you can choose the better option for your business growth. So, let’s get started. 



Search Engine Optimization:

In SEO, your site is optimized in a way that generates higher visibility on online searches. More visibility tends to attract more attention from potential people as well as people who already know your brand on your site. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have various bots that go through to the search web pages and collect relevant information from different sites and put them together as an index. Then the search pages determine the order in which the result of a particular query will be shown as per the algorithm of the search engines. SEO uses various keywords that make you more visible on the internet through voice searches and featured snippets. 

To reach the customers a brand needs to be on the top in search results and Creative Keedas provide you that opportunity to be on the top with its help. Our digital marketing experts help you to boost the visibility of your site by using the right marketing technique for your brand. 

Now let’s talk about the advantages of SEO 

  1. Cheaper: SEO is cheaper than PPC and also free of cost if you are doing it on your own. SEO doesn’t require any modernized tools for its work. it just requires a team of people who are dedicated enough to provide quality full content to their clients which can be done on WordPress as well. So even if companies don’t want to hire a digital marketing agency to boost their SEO (which is an easier and more advantageous option) they can do it on their own if they have a team that can create creative and high-level content that improves the visibility of the site on the internet. 
  2. Organic Traffic: SEO brings in people who are exactly looking for what your site has to offer in a very efficient and organic manner. When somebody searches even remotely related to your niche and your services, SEO helps them to find your site easily. You don’t have to pay to get heavy traffic on your site through SEO. You just have to invest once and it works for the long term, therefore it is an organic process.
  3. Brand Awareness: SEO creates awareness regarding your brand in the local area if your site is perfectly optimized. People nowadays don’t buy anything without going through reviews online. Companies can use this to their benefit by creating content that gives apt information to the people which can create trust and awareness among people for your brand. You need to keep your content updated with time which helps your site to be at the top for a longer period. 

Our experts at Creative Keedas provide clients with the best SEO digital marketing service where you have all the control over your content and we just help that content to get on the top in the visibility chart of search engines. We keep the structure of our strategies that optimizes your site in a way that brings in stable growth and heavy traffic which is advantageous in the long term. 

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SEO also has its disadvantages which are as follows, 

  • Time-consuming: Optimizing a site may be an easy process but it requires a lot of time. In case companies need instant results then they should be choosing the paid digital marketing service. Since SEO is a time-consuming process, companies should start planning their strategies even before designing their website. 
  • Information Oriented: SEO is not a buyer-oriented digital marketing service, therefore, it doesn’t bring any monetary advantage to the company but it provides the relevant information to the audience which helps in bringing huge traffic. 
  • Little Tricky: SEO is hard to master when compared to PPC. One may think that having good writing skills can boost SEO but that is not the case. To master the right SEO skills, one must know skills other than good content writing. For example, using HTML, CSS, and how to incorporate URLs and redirection of pages should come in handy. Sometimes websites also face language issues that SEO experts should know how to tackle. 


PPC(Pay Per Click)

 Business growth completely depends on the digital marketing service that companies choose for themselves so the above-discussed SEO as a digital marketing service and its pros and cons. Now let’s discuss pay-per-click as another approach for optimizing your site on the internet. PPC can also be known as CPC (Cost per click). Some people consider PPC more costly than SEO but to be honest PPC can be very beneficial for the growth of your brand’s website. In PPC, companies pay money for every click that their ad gets. PPC is the advertising model that is largely used as it shows ads on various websites that bring in quality and huge traffic to your site. 

Creative Keedas provides the digital marketing service of PPC where we use search engine marketing to increase the brand visibility of even small businesses. Our experts through PPC bring in heavy traffic in a small duration of time which helps your business to grow. 

Advantages of PPC 

  • Quick Results: Through PPC companies can see instant results as compared to SEO. PPC brings heavy traffic to the site which creates a larger engagement of the audience. For quick and better results companies pay higher to compete with their competitors which is no big deal because companies get desired results.
  • Buyer Oriented: PPC is buyer-oriented therefore most of the e-commerce websites and the selling stores use this digital marketing service for their sites. Companies need to keep their keywords relevant to their potential customers as it increases the chances of their ad reaching them. 
  • A/B Testing: A/B Testing is very easy in PPC as compared to SEO. To conduct A/B Testing in PPC all you have to do is to create two different ads and let them run on different websites and you can analyze which ad gets more engagement through CTR (Click Through Rate)


Let’s jump onto the Cons of PPC

  • Costly: Pay per click is costly as you pay for every click that you get. The more you pay the more you get clicks on your ad which is beneficial for your website but it is not at all cost-effective. 
  • ROI: Return of investment in the PPC case is lesser as the moment you stop paying your ad stops showing on the various websites. Therefore the growth of ROI is not similar to that of the SEO growth. 
  • Doesn’t create brand awareness: PPC doesn’t create brand awareness as its major focus is to sell and not inform so even if you have regular customers for your brand that doesn’t mean your brand awareness is increasing on the digital platform because those customers may have you some other website to ultimately land onto your product. 

Above we discussed two digital marketing services that can be beneficial to increase the visibility of your business on the internet. Both services have their pros and cons but they can prove to be beneficial as per the requirement of the company. We, at Creative Keedas, provide both the services in an efficient manner that lead to the betterment and the growth in the business of our clients. So the ultimate decision to choose which digital marketing services is in your hands and you should choose it wisely as business growth 100% depends on the marketing service that you use. 

 Dear Readers, If you have any queries/suggestions feel free to reach out to us through the comment section. We would love to hear from our visitors!


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