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14 Smart Ways to Grow Your Business Online

Social media has paved a new direction in the marketing field. There may be too many efforts in promoting your business on social media but its benefits are endless. For the past few years, Social Media Marketing has become the utmost important factor for business growth. We, at Creative Keedas, have delivered the best results, and have enhanced the business of 250+ clients through our creative and innovative digital marketing services.

14 smart ways to grow your business online

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Know Your Audience

 Knowing your audience is one of the most important factors in building a business on the social media platform. With the help of the readers, you get to know the type of content that you will have to create to engage them. Knowing your audience not only helps the company to know the type of content the audience likes but also the way they should be creating the content that it will engage more people. 

Focus on one platform

A company needs to focus on only one platform at the beginning of the venture. Trying hands at all the social media platforms at once may create problems when it comes to content creation, time management, and social media management. Building a brand on just one platform at the start may be more beneficial as the entire focus would be on just one platform. Once you master that particular social platform you can expand your business on other platforms later. 


Follow Latest Trends

Keeping up with the world is a very important aspect of social media platforms. If you want people to be interested in your brand and what do you have to offer, you will have to follow the latest trends that can interest more people. Following the latest trends in a way that compliments your content can be of huge benefit. For example, pop culture is expanding very much nowadays, and using it to your benefit can help in the growth of your business. Now, how can you use pop culture in your business? You can use pop culture references as your tagline or by including them in your videos and images that can be very attractive for people.

Use of Visual

We all are very much aware that how visual content attracts more audiences as compared to written text or images and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are all about visualization. By converting text that may look boring to millennials you can use videos as a rescue aid. 

Quality Content

There are many companies adopting social media marketing strategies for their business growth so how can you make your content different from them? The only answer to that question is that by focusing on quality rather than on quantity. Quality content on social media platforms engages more audiences. The content you are sharing must be giving a clear idea of the company, its motive, and what difference it has to offer. 

Use Different Ways to Create Content

Companies should use unique ways to share content. Even if the content is similar to past work, using a different manner to portray can create a huge difference. Posting only images about your work can get monotonous with every post. It is better to keep coming up with new and creative ways that will keep your profile interesting. 


Facebook is the only social media platform that is being used by a large number of people, whether they are old or young. Facebook has very interesting features that can be very significant for the social media marketing of your business. By creating groups and events on Facebook you can engage with more and more audiences. 


Social media is full of small and big influences that are followed by a large audience. Using influencers to promote the brand on their profile is one of the most simple and popular ways of growing business online. Influencers use products and share their opinion and experiences regarding their interests. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are another way of making your brand reach a larger audience but it only happens when you use these hashtags wisely. Companies can use hashtags on the images and videos that they post on their profile. But these hashtags only work if they contain relevance regarding the content. Even if you are posting similar content you can use or shuffle hashtags in a way that can reach more people.

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

Another smart way for a company to build its presence on social media is by outsourcing social media marketing. By hiring an advertising agency or an online marketing company, companies can get rid of the major load of work. The major two work that the company does is producing and promoting. When companies hire an advertising agency or a social media marketing company for marketing purposes then the only job that they have to do is to focus on producing the products or content to market. In this way, a company can create a balance between both things. 

Pay for Promotion

The company should not hesitate when it comes to paying to get promotion for their brand. Paid promotions can be very much useful for the social media presence of the company and business growth. Facebook ads and Instagram ads have a very large reach that can create larger engagement from the audience. Companies can take the help of Facebook ad agencies to get that done. 

A/B Testing

Another way of growing business on social media is by implementing an A/B Testing strategy. In A/B testing, the company shows two different versions of the same site to two different groups of people and gets their opinion as to know which one works better. This strategy is very useful when it comes to creating content for people as you know the type of content they are willing to engage in.

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic

For business growth, it is very important to grab the eyeballs of people on your brand and social media platforms can be very beneficial. By sharing the link of the website on the post, stories or bio companies can divert the traffic from social media to their website. 

Cross Sharing Social Media Platforms

Last but not least is cross-sharing social media platforms. Earlier we discussed how companies should be focusing on only one social media platform at the beginning of the venture so once you can establish your business on one social platform you can start promoting the business on other platforms as well. If companies have more than one social media platform then they can cross share them. 


So, above are the 14 ways that you can grow your business online. Growing business on social media is not a very complicated task but it just requires commitment and creative skills. Once you crack that creative formula social media management can become your expertise.


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