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Importance of Influencer Marketing in 2022

Social media has become a relevant platform for online marketers and with the increase in Influencers, it is expanding every day. Influencer marketing was previously limited to popular celebrities but with the rise of social media, influencer marketing has spread its wings in the local arena as well. Companies are now realizing the importance of influencer marketing and are searching about it might have come across contradicting articles stating, “how you should use influencers or how it is not at all necessary altogether”.

Influencer marketing has become a significant part of social media but it is often difficult to navigate the right path on which companies should move ahead. We are here to provide you with all the information that you need to know about influencer marketing that has become a robust feature in social media marketing strategy.

importance of influencer marketing

Importance of Influencer Marketing

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What is Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing where people with a good number of followers on social media endorses a company’s brand as a part of their advertising strategy. Using this way of marketing works most of the time in favor of companies due to dedicated followers of influencers that trust recommendations made by their favorite influencers. The endorsement made by them acts as proof” of the quality and the status of the brand for prospective customers. Influencer marketing never stays constant and apart from Instagram, several other social media platforms have their influencer advertising demographics that work effectively. 


How does it benefit companies?

Businesses who have fallen behind can make a strong comeback with the help of influencer marketing that generates a greater return of investment in comparison to other advertising strategies. This industry is growing faster than other channels like paid search, remarketing, etc. It is believed influencer marketing brings in higher quality customers because of the wider reach of social media. Brands can acquire greater engagement with this marketing on social media that brings solid results in terms of revenue. Apart from Instagram, Facebook is known to be the best marketing outlet under the influencer marketing strategy. 70% of the business owners make a higher return of investment by hiring influencers as their brand ambassadors.


Investment and ROI

 Influencer marketing is all about investment by hiring the right influencer for your brand whose interests also aligns with your company. For example, choosing a person who is interested in sports, to promote your sports equipment. The right combination of these two can do wonders for a brand. Keeping all these things in mind, companies have started to increase their budget in greed to get more sales and revenue. Marketers believe to acquire customers and to target potential leads, influencer marketing is the fastest channel that is present online that keeps them engaged with their brand. 

Influencer marketing has overtaken popular organic search ways like email and Google by bringing similar results as them and even higher, sometimes. Studies have shown influencer marketing to be better than affiliate marketing and display marketing as it delivers the desired results to the customers. This feature of social media marketing is a cost-effective marketing way to attract customers for business owners. 

Businesses are increasing their budget continuously to master this plan. Most of the marketers have got 13% better revenue as compared to other strategies and with such revenues will keep increasing for the coming years. Being cost-effective, marketers have the leverage to make mistakes, learn, and then refine their influencer marketing strategy. With influencers being savvy and looking for the best ways to keep their audience engaged, marketers can hire them to promote their brand on a larger platform. 


Let’s briefly look at a few points about how Influencer marketing will continue to be the major marketing strategy on social media and how companies can take it up as their advertising strategy. 


  • Demographics available on social media are not completely effective sometimes as they do not target an audience even after putting out filters. With influencer marketing, marketers can directly point at the audience whom they want to target with this strategy. Influencer marketing is effective as when people like or share the post that is posted by an influencer, it is shown on the explore feed of users who don’t typically follow that influencer but are a part of the same demographic. 


  • With influencer marketing, business owners can share discount codes that engage people with their brand. An influencer of a particular niche can offer and share their discount coupons with their followers, prompting them to use it and enjoy a new product as a part of the advertising plan. Stimulating customers with discount codes shared by an influencer can gain the loyalty of potential customers. 


  • Businesses can arrange a social media contest with the help of influencers through which companies can get deeper engagement from the audience and can give exposure to their brand to the public. Influencers can share details of contests or giveaways on behalf of the brand. You can ask those Influencers to accompany it with unboxing videos of the products people might win which can compel them to be a part of the competition arranged by your company. Thereby, introducing your brand to them. 


  • Social media marketing strategy works best if it’s visually aesthetic. Creating visual content with influencers who have a strong fandom works best for a company to promote itself on social media. Videos created by influencers, a live session video or a real (that is a new feature launched by Instagram) that promotes a product of a company where Influencers talk about the product or show how they are using it, helps target the prospective users. 


  • On social media, you can expand your business by hiring different influencers for your brand. If a company limits itself to a single influencer it might make its chances less to reach a wider audience. Thus, using different influencers under this marketing strategy. For example, if you have a cosmetic product to promote, you can hire different Influencers of this niche as cosmetics are used by almost all people of all age groups. Influencer marketing has opened the horizons of social media to reach a larger set of people.



Influencers often have a better knowledge about marketing than most of the brand’s considering their work is to keep themselves in a Limelight all the time. They have a variety of campaign ideas that companies can use to their benefit which can increase the productivity and effectiveness of their brand. Influencer marketing has the capabilities to expand your marketing plan broadly. It is stated that 60% of people tend to buy a product because it was recommended by a popular influencer through social media.

The rate at which influencer marketing is increasing has made it more efficient than hiring a single celebrity to promote your brand. We at Creative Keedas provide companies with INFLUENCER MARKETING STRATEGIES that align with modern times and tips on how they can choose the right influencers to be the face of their brand on social media. 


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