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Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound and outbound marketing are the two different approaches to digital marketing. To ace the marketing platform it is important to keep evolving and change tactics with changes in trends and strategies. One of the biggest changes that have happened over the years is the shift from outbound marketing which is known to be the traditional approach to inbound marketing which has been adopted by several companies in the last few years stating it gives more leads and reliable results.

We provide our clients with both the marketing approaches as per their company’s demands and in this article we will be discussing “Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing” and which marketing approach is more effective in the digital world. First, let’s understand what is inbound and outbound marketing.

Inbound v/s outbound marketing

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing


Under this marketing strategy companies create quality content that focuses on making more people interested in their company and brand without any pressure or force. It’s a more natural marketing approach than outbound marketing. You post content that people can relate to and get interested in and ultimately bring inbound traffic which you can convert later on. 


This digital marketing approach is one of the oldest strategies where you show your content to people by interrupting what they are doing on that point. In short, you force your brand information on them. This strategy includes promotion through TV, radio, newspaper, banners, mail, etc.

This approach has become less effective in today’s time where people want to control what they watch and do every time. You cannot interrupt their activity or force them to get interested in something which sometimes can lead to a negative impression as well. This strategy works on a non-digital platform causing no benefit to modern internet users.

To give a clear idea about what marketing approach is more vital we have laid down certain differences for you to look at and have an informed opinion.


Outbound marketing

As we mentioned above outbound marketing interrupts the activity of people. Its motive is to engage a large audience at once, hence post content that people don’t relate to most of the time and interrupt them with irrelevant ads. It’s not that everybody finds the content that is posted by you under this approach irrelevant.

There may be a small percentage of people who might be interested in those ads and can provide the company with the lead and conversion rate. But with increasing competition, this approach might not be very much of an advantage for marketers to engage people. 

Inbound marketing

In this marketing approach, you can choose the platform that is convenient for the users and not just for the marketers to see the content related to your brand. You connect with people in this marketing approach as per their permission and spread your connection and channel on the web.

When the audience willingly engages with a brand it creates conversion at a higher rate than a forceful marketing approach. You work as per your users and use a targeted strategy by building SEO and your landing page following their preference that brings more engagement. 



Outbound marketing

With outbound marketing companies generally remain at the bottom because the relationship that they create with the customers is based on attention-grabbing and not on the value of their brand. In short, they don’t excel in making their brand a major hit or even stand out in the market.

There is no doubt in this marketing approach as well you get conversions and leads but you don’t have a brand that people are talking about worldwide but that you can achieve from the inbound marketing strategy. 

Inbound marketing

Here you create content that is appreciated by people which engages a larger audience. This marketing approach is completely transparent and helps people to get to know about your brand closely without any force full grabbing. 

With this approach, you become the limelight of the industry, and with the inbound marketing approach your position and create the brand value of your company from where you can just thrive ahead with your strategic ideas that boost your company’s conversion rates. 


Outbound marketing

This approach has a disadvantage as it does not work freely. You have to be dependent on distributors like newspaper companies, mail companies, and radio stations to publish your content so it reaches the market.

Companies spend a lot of money on distribution and if sales and conversion rates do not boost in favor of the company as per the investment, it can lead to a loss for a company in many ways. In this approach, your content delivers to people in some time and not instantly. The outbound marketing approach is not a frequent marketing strategy, there is always wait and cost that is invested in it. 

Inbound marketing

In inbound marketing, you have everything in the reach of your hands and your control. Here, you create content and post it instantly and look for people’s reaction and engagement rate and start working on the next strategy. You build your brand yourself in inbound marketing.

The cost of assets is applicable here also but the process and result are constant and more effective than outbound marketing. Your assets do not go to waste at all and you might hit a speed breaker in the strategy but you pick up the pace instantly which is beneficial for companies. 


Outbound marketing 

The outbound marketing approach works on linear marketing strategy. Marketers choose a medium where they want to publish their assets, work on them and publish the same content on all the platforms and it ends their job for a few days and then after analyzing the engagement rate they repeat the same process. Even if they post on social media they use the same content which has been done traditionally for many years. They don’t have to juggle between different digital platforms every day at once.

Inbound marketing

Whereas inbound marketing has a more holistic approach which is more complicated than outbound marketing. Here, you continuously juggle more than one digital platform in hope of strengthening your side marketers. Generally, Companies follow traditional outbound strategies on social media as well but it gives them regular results only.

To get results that provide your brand with overall development and boost it is important to have a strong foundation, good content strategy, call to action strategy, keyword strategy that brings the desired higher results. A well-optimized site brings in more traffic and grows your business digitally in a more effective manner than outbound marketing.

We provide companies the strategies that not only boost their search engine optimization but also the quality of their content that they post on social media to engage people at a higher rate.

The above-mentioned differences would have given you a fair idea of which marketing strategy is more effective in terms of growing your business digitally. To be clear, inbound marketing works on 3 e-tailers attract, engage, and retain. Its sole motive is to attract an audience by creating interesting content, keep them engaged with their brand, and get conversion leads from their existing customers. 


Many companies have been preferring inbound marketing strategy as it gives them desired results by engaging modern buyers, higher return of investment at a lesser cost of their assets engagement. It is considered to be the best foundational marketing strategy for modern times. Keeping in mind that outbound marketing is not completely ineffective and many companies use both the strategies by mix-matching and creating a balance. But yes, it can certainly be disappointing for companies to be completely reliant on outbound marketing because occasionally it can lead to results that might not be up to the mark for the company. 

We provide marketers with strategies that are widely proven the best within the industry with the mix match of the latest tactics incorporating both the marketing approaches or even just one as for the brand’s preference.


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