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11 LinkedIn marketing strategies for your business growth

LinkedIn is the best marketing platform that companies can add to their digital marketing strategy. LinkedIn marketing has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years with many small businesses joining the platform for their business growth. LinkedIn is a professional site that provides people with exposure and can be used to expand their business network and build connections. In the digital marketing world if a company wants to grow its business having a LinkedIn business profile is important as here people can engage with various business communities and boost their brand value. 

LinkedIn has a wider usage for professional activities than any other digital platform and it can be the best addition for companies if used strategically. LinkedIn marketing is not about marketing and selling your products and services because many communities don’t entertain such an approach. It’s more about building connections and Informing people about your brand and company therefore smart strategies are important to boost your business on LinkedIn. 

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We, at Creative Keedas, help clients to build their LinkedIn business profile that brings more engagement from people and communities present on the platform. As per our client’s preferences we target prospective audiences and build connections with them and be in touch with them regularly by sending them the latest updates and blogs which helps in the business growth of our clients. Our experts use natural strategies for LinkedIn marketing that make people believe that it’s the company itself that is introducing themselves rather than an intermediary.

In this article, we’ll be sharing tried and tested 11 best LinkedIn marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business on LinkedIn. Without wasting any more minutes, let’s dive into that.


The best and foremost Strategy is to keep your company’s profile on LinkedIn up-to-date. Many people who join LinkedIn go through companies’ pages that interest them and they tend to lose interest if the company page wasn’t updated or for worse was updated many months ago. To keep engaging people it’s really necessary to keep adding the latest events and growth that is happening in the company. Another most important thing that falls under this category is to keep your summary section relevant and crisp. The summary section must contain information about your brand and your previous experience and growth as it helps visitors to know about your company easily and instantly. 


Companies need to have targeted connections. LinkedIn provides people with an option of advance search which helps blue to search those people and those communities only that you want to target. For example, you only want to target small businesses for people under the age of 25 or businesses that work in the software sector then you can put filters as per your preference and can target your audience directly without beating around the bush. 


Another strategy that works for LinkedIn marketing is to build your email list. Building an email list helps you to market your brand into your connection in a much easier and direct way. Once you have connections that you want to target you can send them an invite for signing up for the email marketing list. You must remember to tell them the reason and the advantages that they’ll get if they sign up for your email list for example information regarding any future event or any special offer, etc and you can also ask them in return to share their email marketing list with you. 

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LinkedIn has various professional communities that promote their business among people and the best way to get your target audience is to join those business communities. There are many benefits of joining a business group as it helps you to find people that might be interested in your business and it also helps you to analyze and study the type of content and business people are interested in. 


For business growth, another important strategy that companies should adopt on LinkedIn is to make their group. Once you get to know the kind of content that people entertain by joining other business groups you can start your business community by sending the invite to your target audience. By creating your business group you can provide the members with the information regarding your brand and what you offer them and can offer them in the future. You can also share links to your other marketing sites which helps you to build a relationship with your members on a personal level


Digital marketing is all about the promotion of your business via content that you share with the public and good quality content is as important for LinkedIn marketing as for any other social platform. By providing content that is relevant to the need of your target audience you can engage more people into your brand. It is very important that the content you share and provide deals with queries and the interest that people are having which helps you to build the credibility of your brand among the audience. 


Another most important strategy in LinkedIn marketing is to convert your normal page into a lead generation page as it helps you to bring in conversion rates as well. Success and business growth depend on two factors mainly, A) Regular heavy traffic on the website and B) High conversion rate. By using various graphics and good quality content that seeks the attention of people, companies can put forward a reasonable pitch in front of the visitors and the members of their community. By also adding recent updates that can lead them to the official website of a brand can help you to get conversion rates as it will compel people to take action. 


Another strategy that is important for you to implement in your LinkedIn marketing and for your business growth on LinkedIn is to save the searches that you perform. Saving searches help you to get back on the potential search whenever you need and it also saves you a great deal of time. 


By giving face value to your employees you can create the Goodwill of a brand on LinkedIn. Employees of your company can create their LinkedIn profile and link their account with your business page on LinkedIn which helps people to get to know about your employees and the kind of experience they have and the work you do in a much better way. This strategy works for most companies but you just have to strategize and organize your employee’s profile in such a manner that it looks natural yet compelling. 


As we discussed above, LinkedIn is a platform where people don’t sell their products and services but rather inform them about the services that they provide and it should be done in that manner only. For your business growth, this LinkedIn marketing strategy must be adopted as people and communities on LinkedIn don’t entertain hard sales from any brand. Companies should rather inform them about their services and products in such a manner that attracts the people so that they willingly can check out your website rather than pinning them again and again about buying and investing in your product. 


The last and the most important strategy that you can adapt to market your brand on LinkedIn is to build your custom URL. There are many chances that once you interact with people in your business group and inform them about your products and services, you will create a relationship between your brand and your members. And when people gain interest in your company they would Google about you and they might not come across the right company so it is easier for the potential customers and is beneficial for your brand that you create a URL that contain your name in itself which helps them to find the site of a brand once you share them your URL.

LinkedIn marketing has opened various possibilities in the digital marketing arena for the business growth of even small companies. LinkedIn is a very beneficial platform for business to business communication as well as per lead generation therefore it is important to apply the right strategies to promote your business on a professional business platform such as LinkedIn and our experts provide all such strategies that companies can adopt and boost their brand into various business communities or else without right strategies LinkedIn will also become a normal marketing platform that does not provide any much benefit to your brand. 

Dear Readers, If you have any queries/suggestions feel free to reach out to us through the comment section. We would love to hear from our visitors!


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