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11 Ways to increase Website Traffic for Business Growth

Every business owner or Marketer is always finding ways to increase the website traffic of his or her brand to grow the online presence and reach a wider audience for its business growth. Companies use websites as an influencing platform to promote products. You can achieve all these only if people would be aware of your website.

Getting more customers is the ultimate target of any company and in this article, we will share detailed tips using which you can increase website traffic on your website by spreading awareness among netizens and expand your brand altogether. 

Increase website traffic


Optimizing is the best way to reach your audience and rank higher as long as possible on the Google search ranking list. To be at the top and for the audience to check your website you need to put information that they are looking for. You can use Google analytics for your research and find various keywords that you can add to your website.

For example, put the most searched keyword or a phrase that can help you reach potential customers. Companies need to enhance their content and link it up with their SEO strategy for getting larger traffic on the website. This is an older yet golden strategy to engage more people.


  • Cross Promotion

Digital marketing is all about creating networks. Sharing content on different platforms boosts your chances to target a wider audience as people spend their time on different web platforms. Spread your content on different communities where people often surf like Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Reddit, Quora, etc. Spreading your content in the community is not just to promote your brand but to build an honest relationship with people.

Posting content just for the sake of branding yourself can come out as a desperate approach. Use natural ways by choosing groups where people’s interests align with your product so that you can develop a trustworthy connection with them.


  • Be active on the question-answer site

Increasing traffic on websites can be done by responding to people’s questions on a question-answer site like Quora. You can develop your authority and generate traffic for your website by catering to questions that are related to your site. Quora is one of the best platforms that can send people to your website in a consistent manner.

The right way to use this step is to firstly find the questions that are to be answered and can lead users to appreciate your site. Millions of people ask regular questions on Quora and they get attracted only by well-answered questions. Craft a compelling statement with accurate facts that prove to be valuable to the questions asked by the users to engage them with your website.


  • Build a relationship with other brands

Several brands have non competing nature and believe in boosting the community as a whole, so why not collaborate with them and reach each other’s audience range. For example, A clothing brand can collaborate with a shoe brand that can help a clothing brand to reach the audience of the shoe brand and vice versa. Companies should look for chances to create a partnership with other brands that can cater interests of both, different and similar audiences.


  • Update your previous content

Many companies have outdated content on their website that has good information but does not interest new audiences because of its old structure. Looking for such articles, updating them, and publishing them again can help companies to engage people with their site. Google tends to outrank content that is old therefore, to be at the top of the search list, having content that is fresh and is targeting the right audience is important. You can change images, the year that is stated in the article, and change the structure of the content writing in some articles.


  • Combine similar posts

Many outdated articles have the same information and keeping similar posts on your website under different headings can be unnecessary for your website. Join such articles together under one heading by creating a single link that performs way better in SERPs. People can find a better and informative article in this way that is a rather substantial way to generate more traffic on a website.

For example, you can combine two articles on your site that are related to the same topic as both of the articles may not reach people individually well but combining both the articles under a single link can provide larger traffic for your website. 


  • Write catchy headlines

Headlines are the cover of the article. If your blog does not have a strong and catchy headline, even a well-written article can go unread. Use headlines to capture the essence of an article. Think of several headlines and then survey within your organization before deciding on one headline and publishing it. You can also outsource your headline writing by hiring content and copywriters that can focus completely on one thing. A compelling headline attracts users to your site, so you cannot take it for granted.


We often advise our clients to use a traditional way of boosting traffic on their site with emails. Email marketing is the strongest tool to uptick your traffic on the site. Sharing your brand information to people through a friendly email can help you increase website traffic. Companies just have to be particular about not spamming the inbox with unnecessary information and should be focusing on the right content. You can add links to your website in email and spread the word about your brand with the help of email and can also engage your existing customers.

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  • Be active on social platforms

Where are people active nowadays? The answer is social media. Social media marketing works best when it comes to bringing traffic to your site. People who are involved on your social pages are likely to visit your website. To keep your social presence on the internet active and relevant within days, use influencers to promote your brand on Instagram and Facebook. You can increase website traffic by offering irresistible offers to users on your social pages that would directly lead them to your website to avail of that opportunity.


  • Organize webinars or workshops

People look for opportunities to learn and explore every day. Companies can host free webinars to spread awareness among the audience by incorporating it with their social campaign. Organizing workshops and webinars are great ways to increase website traffic. You can add links to passes of webinars and other events on your email, stating the countdown of that webinar, and also spread the word via social media platforms. 


  • Guest post

When you write posts for other blogs, the owners of those blogs tend to allow you to trace back users to your website by providing your reference link below the article. This increases your brand awareness and you can get more clicks on your website. Not most of the blogs look for guest post writings. You can find such blogs with the help of Google search.

This process may be time-consuming but you can use a content explorer to look for topics that are relevant for guest bloggers, that provide you with higher chances to avail the opportunity for writing a guest post for a company and also promote your website along with it. 



Tips that were discussed above are well tested by us and require only limited resources for companies to impose them. If you don’t have time to follow these tactics, you can always take the help of paid traffic. But, companies should try these strategies and can also mix them up with other paid strategies to increase website traffic according to their budget. We allow our clients to increase the productivity of their websites and make a mark in the digital world. 



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