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Best Digital Marketing Tools for Business Growth in 2022

For running a business online, it’s important to know and use the Best Digital Marketing Tools that can really be helpful to grow your business efficiently.

We as a digital marketing agency use a lot of such tools for client campaigns and execution to be able to deliver the best results. With a lot of hands-on experience, we bring to you the best digital marketing tools that we have used and we feel can be very useful for your business and needs.

Best Digital Marketing Tools for Business Growth

Best digital marketing tools for business growth

Email Marketing Tools

Let us begin our list of the best digital marketing tools with the best email marketing tools.


GetResponse is probably the easiest Email Marketing Tool available on the internet. Having tried over 30+ top email marketing tools, we can confidently tell you that no tool beats GetResponse on the parameter of Ease of Use.

What can you do with GetResponse?

  1. Email Marketing
    1. Create Emails
    2. Autoresponders
    3. Email Analytics
    4. List Management
    5. Transactional Emails
  2. Conversion Funnel
    1. Sales Funnel
    2. Lead Magnet Funnel
    3. List building Funnel
    4. Webinar Funnel
    5. Ecommerce Tools
  3. Marketing Automation
    1. Visitor tracking
    2. Tags and Scores
    3. Automation workflows
    4. Abandoned Cart emails
    5. Product Recommendations
  4. Landing Pages
    1. Facebook pixel integration
    2. Drag and Drop interface
    3. Sign up forms
    4. Pop up forms
    5. Countdown Timer
    6. Ecommerce Tools
    7. A/B testing
  5. Live Chat
  6. Web Push Notifications
    1. Custom prompts
    2. Unlimited notifications
    3. Web push analytics
  7. Webinars
    1. Screen sharing
    2. Call to action button
    3. On-demand webinars
    4. Whiteboard
    5. Polls and surveys
  8. Sign-Up Forms
  9. Paid Ads
    1. Facebook Ads
    2. Google Search Ads
    3. Social Ads Creator

Yes…So it’s not just an Email Marketing Platform, but it is in reality your SALES MACHINE…

The pricing is very simple.

  • Basic Plan  – 1000 subscribers starts at $15/month
  • Plus Plan – 1000 subscribers starts at $49/month
  • Professional Plan – 1000 subscribers starts at $99/month
  • Max Plan – Customized pricing as per need and number of subscribers

Do they offer discounts? Yes they do…

  • You get an 18% discount on all plans if you choose a 12-month billing period
  • You get 30% discount on all plans if you choose 24-month billing period.

And what’s more, they offer a 30-Day FREE TRIAL too.

getresponse pricing

Live Web Chats [en]


Next in our list of email marketing tools is AWeber. A lesser-known name in the world of Email Marketing but a powerful tool to suffice your needs. What we like the most about AWeber is a seamless transition from any other email marketing tool to AWeber. You can shift all your lists, emails, landing pages, workflows from any other email marketing tool to AWeber seamlessly.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required. Another reason we recommend AWeber is that the emails look really really professional. The interface is easy to use and there are 100’s of templates to choose from.

So what can you do with AWeber?

  1. Email Marketing
    1. Automation
    2. Segmentation
    3. Tagging
    4. Drag and Drop builder
    5. No coding knowledge required
    6. Smart Designer feature to build emails from URL’s
    7. Huge library of stock images available for FREE
    8. Fast reporting and analytics
    9. Auto Newsletters
    10. Broadcasting of blog posts as newsletters
    11. 100’s of email templates for plug-and-play use.
  2. Email Automation
    1. Automation templates
    2. Targeted mailers
    3. Upsell after purchase
    4. Automate blog sending on posting
    5. Abandoned cart emails
    6. Personalize emails based on user activity
  3. Landing Page Builder
    1. Drag and drop editor
    2. Connect to a custom domain
    3. Google Analytics and Facebook pixel ready
    4. Video support
    5. 100’s of templates in various categories
    6. Ecommerce support
    7. Professionally designed
  4. Ecommerce
    1. Sales tracking
    2. No setup fees
    3. Purchase tagging
    4. Setup custom domains
    5. Low fees per transaction
    6. Integration with leading e-commerce solutions like Paypal, Shopify, woo commerce, etc.
  5. Web push notifications
    1. Instant notification
    2. High engagement
    3. High Deliverability
  6. Form Builder
  7. Email Templates
    1. 700+ mobile-responsive email templates
  8. Drag and drop creator
  9. Smart Designer
    1. Create an email template for any web URL

The most important question…How is the pricing like?

  • FREE Plan
    • 500 subscribers
    • 3000 emails/month
    • 1 Email List
  • PRO Plan
    • Unlimited Subscribers
    • Unlimited Emails
    • Unlimited Lists

AWeber Pro plan pricing

You can try their LIFETIME FREE PLAN to get hands-on with the tool or if your subscriber list is small, to begin with.


SendFox is THE MOST ECONOMICAL EMAIL MARKETING PLATFORM. If you are a small business looking to send regular newsletters and updates to your subscriber list, then wait no more, just opt for the Lifetime Deal by SendFox without even learning about its features. Yes, you don’t need to pay every month for emailers.

Why do we sound so excited? Because SendFox is worthy of this and you won’t regret this decision.

First, take a look at what all SendFox offers:

  1. Unlimited Email sending
  2. Email scheduling
  3. Unlimited Automation
  4. Custom Landing pages
  5. Custom Forms
  6. Contact listing and tagging for targeted mails
  7. Drag and Drop editor
  8. Email analytics with open rates, click rates, etc.
  9. Basic CRM functionalities
  10. 3rd party app integrations
  11. Create emails from RSS feeds
  12. Lifetime Access

SendFox is exclusively designed for content creators and the features are in accordance with their needs. So it may not be wise to compare SendFox with the likes of GetResponse, AWeber, or other email marketing tools with respect to features, but trust us, this will do whatever you want it to do.

Now, coming to pricing, you will be left surprised.

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One of the lesser-known email marketing tools is ConstantContact. The reason why we recommend it because of its high deliverability. This makes us believe that the email servers which are being used are high-quality servers ensuring very high deliverability of your newsletters in your subscribers’ inbox. ConstantContact also boasts about some unique features that you won’t find in other email marketing tools.

So what does ConstantContact offer?

  1. Drag and Drop email builder
  2. Email marketing automation
  3. Contacts segmentation
  4. E-commerce
  5. Social posting, inbox, scheduling, and analytics
  6. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads
  7. Auto Contact list management
  8. Email analytics with open rates and click rates
  9. Business growth tools for live events, donations, online surveys, coupons, etc.
  10. Customizable templates

How about Pricing?

And discounts?

SPECIAL OFFER: We have worked out a deal so that you can be confident if it works for you or not. Get a 60-Day FREE Trial by clicking HERE.


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Landing Page Builders

Next in the list of our best digital marketing tools, we bring to you some amazing Landing Page Builders.

One of the easily skipped tools in your digital marketing journey is a Landing Page builder. But a good, professional, and efficient landing page builder can help you skyrocket your leads and sales. For a marketer with no or less coding knowledge, Landing page builders prove to be a boon.


LeadPages is undoubtedly the best landing page builder that we have ever used or come across.

Moving straight to the point, we would just want to highlight the range of features LeadPages offers that could suffice all your needs.

Let’s start:

  1. Builder
    1. Autosave
    2. 5 Free sub-accounts
    3. 99.9% uptime
    4. Custom fields
    5. Social media preview
    6. Device-specific preview
    7. Drag and drop
    8. Fast page load speed
    9. Leads backup
    10. Lead generation Form builder
    11. Lead notifications
    12. Lead routing
    13. Mobile responsive pages
    14. Online payments
    15. Group pages
    16. SEO friendly pages
    17. UNLIMITED pages, traffic, and leads
    18. 3rd party tracking and analytics
    19. Widgets like countdown timers, videos, etc.
  2. Conversion Tools
    1. Opt-in SMS messages
    2. Calculate campaign ROI
    3. Exit intent pop up forms
    4. Real-time optimization
    5. Real-time analytics
    6. 3rd party analytics
    7. A/B testing
    8. Unlimited alertbars and popups
  3. Design & Templates
    1. Icon library
    2. Shutterstock premium image library
    3. Countdown timers
    4. Self-branding
    5. Section templates
    6. Code editing
    7. Thank you and confirmation pages
  4. Support
    1. Workshops
    2. Phone, Chat, and Email support
    3. Huge knowledge base
    4. Weekly group coaching
    5. Personal onboarding call
  5. Integrations
    1. CRM’s
    2. Email marketing tools
    3. Automation tools
  6. Publishing
    1. Custom domain linking
    2. Free hosting
    3. Plugin for WordPress
    4. Unlimited publishing
  7. Security
    1. SSL Encryption
    2. Login to Sub-account
    3. GDPR compliant

Did you ever think that a landing page tool could do so much? This is just a list of features, but when you use them you are going to enjoy it even more.

It is specially designed to help you convert your visitors to customers.

What does it cost?

Monthly Plans

Annual Plans

  • STANDARD Plan @ $27/month (Saves $120)
  • PRO Plan @ $59/month (saves $240)
  • ADVANCED Plan  @ $239/month (saves $984)

LeadPages pricing

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Online Courses Hosting and Selling Tools

Our list of best digital marketing tools can never be without tools for course hosting and selling. The pandemic has led the majority of us to start learning online and it’s a huge huge advantage for the course creators. So which digital marketing tool should you be using?


One of the major challenges that educators face is scaling things up. A majority of tutors are majorly dependant on their physical classroom business. But Covid changed everything for them.

Learning largely started happening online. Every topic, every course, every subject, every age group, rather everyone has now accepted the new way of learning which is ONLINE.

But most of the educators never explored going about this way. But since the evolution is underway, it is essential that content creators, educationists, tutors and everyone who imparts education does it right away. Right from creating online courses, to study material in the form of pdf’s and Live online teaching.

This is where PODIA fits…

So what can Podia do?

  1. Host online courses
    1. Unlimited everything
      1. Videos
      2. Students
      3. Study material
      4. Earnings
    2. Quizzes
    3. Upsell
    4. Coupons
    5. No transactional fees
    6. Create product bundles
    7. Drip courses
  2. Host study material
    1. Ebooks, pdfs, checklists, videos, or any content that you want a student to download
  3. Managing memberships
    1. Membership levels
    2. Unlimited members
    3. Internal social media for members
    4. Create paid memberships
    5. Social media integrations
  4. Integrating webinars
    1. Supports YouTube live and Zoom
    2. Convert Youtube visitors to leads
    3. Replays for passive income
  5. Email marketing
    1. Email broadcasting to customers
    2. Automation for Drip campaigns
    3. Bifurcation of audience based on course
  6. Custom website for courses
    1. No coding knowledge required
    2. Unlimited pages creation
    3. Supports all devices
    4. Easy customization
  7. and a lot more
    1. Chatting
    2. Support
    3. Embedding of codes
    4. Affiliate marketing

Podia is a complete suite for people in the education industry who have courses to sell but don’t know the way forward. Podia is a collection of 5 tools clubbed into one.

What about pricing?

Podia offers 3 plans

They offer 2 months FREE if you opt for the annual plan.

As we talk about FREE stuff then you can always opt for the 14-Day FREE Trial with all features.

There are some quantifiable features that differentiate each plan but the Shaker plan serves most of the things if you are a starter or at an intermediate stage of selling online courses.

Podia pricing table



This is the most popular and the most preferred choice of online course creators. Teachable is the most robust, reliable, feature-rich and convenient Online Course selling tool and once you get used to it then you would never look for any other option. Spoil yourself with the 14-Day Free Trial even before reading next.

Even if you are not sure about course creation and hosting, Teachable provides an amazing webinar to create and host online courses in just 40-minutes.

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So what does Teachable offer?

  1. Unlimited Students, Videos, Courses, and Hosting
  2. Creation of communities
  3. Custom domain
  4. Instant Payouts
  5. Dedicated Sales pages
  6. Coupon codes
  7. Integrated email marketing
  8. 3rd party app support
  9. Instant Payouts
  10. 24×7 support
  11. Unlimited Course creation
  12. Create Quizzes
  13. International payment support

The moment you start exploring the world of Teachable starts expanding with infinite possibilities.

Let’s take a look at pricing.

teachable pricing table



Next on this list for online course creators is Zenler. A very less heard name, but slowly and steadily building up its name and reputation. The challenge with some of the existing tools is the integration of various tools with each other and keep a track of them.

Zenler eliminates this and projects itself as an all-in-one marketing tool that saves money as well as efforts.

So what can you do with Zenler?

  1. Create Online courses
  2. Create Marketing funnels
  3. Set up powerful automation
  4. Use quizzes and surveys in your courses for students
  5. Create membership site
  6. Create community

Zenler claims to replace tools like Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, ClickFunnels, Kartra, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, LeadPages, OntraPort, InstaPage, MightyNetworks, Iscourse, Disqus, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, etc.

This is really a lot…

Zenler is not yet open for all and is an INVITE-ONLY program. But don’t worry, if this interests you, we are happy to share a BETA ACCESS with you.


Zenler is offering exclusive discounts for BETA members, so make sure you check out the BETA Invite.

Content Creation Tools

We often hear that to be successful in the online world, one has to create relevant and attractive content. So the tools mentioned below would ease your content creation tasks and make it like a breeze. So let’s go through these amazing content creation tools in our list of best digital marketing tools.

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First on this list is InVideo which is a video creation tool. The market is flooded with Saas-based video creation tools offering something or the other as their USP. Then there are installable tools like Adobe Aftereffects, iMovie, Filmora, Sony Vegas, and this list is endless too.

Most of the tools require some form of technical expertise or experience to be able to create presentable videos with some effort.

InVideo is different in this regard, as creating a video is as simple as choosing a template, choosing the dimensions, and making changes as per your needs. And there your go, your video is ready instantly to be shared with the world.

What kind of videos can you make with InVideo?

  1. Intros and Logo Revealers
  2. Video Ads
  3. Slide shows
  4. Business presentations
  5. Invites & Wishes
  6. Offers & Discounts
  7. Video collages
  8. Webinar Promos
  9. Quote Videos
  10. Testimonials
  11. Recallable branding videos
  12. Bite-Size ads (15 sec)
  13. Greetings
  14. Listicles
  15. and a lot more

The most amazing part of InVideo is that if you are a pro at video editing, you can use the advanced editor offering all the required features present in most of the video editing tools. This makes it usable by both amateurs and professionals.

The second most amazing thing about InVideo is the ability to create square, horizontal and story-sized videos and adapting the existing video from any of the previously mentioned dimensions to another. This makes your task quicker to be able to post the same video on various social media with the required dimensions.

If you believe that video is the future and you want to be a part of this future by creating amazing videos then InVideo is a must. You can also check out their FREE FOREVER PLAN.

How about Pricing?


It would be surprising to know if you haven’t heard of Canva or have never used it even once if you have been on online platforms.

From a very basic graphic designing tool to now a plethora of options and templates for designing, resizing, videos, and everything you can imagine designing can be done in Canva.

To summarise what Canva can do, the following is a SMALL list of things:

Canva has some amazing courses on design, that can help you become a better or a pro designer.

What’s more, Canva has an application for Mac, Android, IOS, and Windows so that you. are not dependant on your Web browser.

There is no reason why you should not be using Canva. And if you are not a Canva user, just use their FREE forever plan or 30 Days Free Enterprise plan.

Pricing is something that you are expecting, then you need not worry as it’s FREE to use. Though they offer paid plans with premium features.

  • Free Plan
  • PRO Plan @ Rs. 8,900/year (monthly plan also available)
  • Enterprise Plan @ Rs. 2,200/month/user
  • Canva is free for classrooms & nonprofits

canva pricing table



Another graphic creator/editor app that does all the heavy lifting. A power-packed tool with the ability to create and edit graphics, videos, and a large bunch of templates to choose from.

A new-age styled interface is what makes PicsArt a choice for your content creation needs.

It includes

  1. Photo editor
    1. Hair color changer
    2. Background remover and changer
    3. Templates
      1. Brochure
      2. Business cards
      3. Cards
      4. Collage
      5. Invitations
      6. Memes
    4. Overlays
    5. and a lot more
  2. Video editor
    1. Add audio
    2. Create promo videos
    3. Add text
    4. Resizing
    5. Slideshow maker
    6. Video trimmer
    7. Add subtitles
    8. Crop videos
    9. Create social media videos

The pricing is very simplified.


The stock image and video market are already overcrowded and yet we see new players coming in. YayImages is as new as 2019. If the market is overcrowded, why are more companies offering stock images? Because the demand is higher, marketers need more options.

If you are heading the marketing or branding division or running a creative or digital marketing agency, or a graphic designer or video editor then YayImages may be one of the best options in the stock image and video world.

The simplest question “Why should I choose YayImages?” has a very simple answer.

  • 200,000+ HD Videos
  • 1,200,000+ Vectors

  • 11,000,000+ Images

  • Lifetime download history access

  • 300K+ in Partner Perks with offers on Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Zendesk, Airtable, and more.

  • 30-day moneyback guarantee

  • Life-long rights to use images/videos

  • Best in class search filters

  • Commercial license

The pricing is simple too.


Placeit by Envato

DESIGNERS!!! Be(a)ware!!! Placeit by Envato is the real game-changer. Practically an unlimited bank of all designing needs is what Placeit stands for. When you really know what you want from your designs, Placeit will serve it all.

Placeit by Envato offers a wide range of categories namely:

  1. Mockups
  2. Designs
  3. Logos
  4. Videos
  5. Gaming

If the number of categories seems a little less to you then just go ahead and check out a FREE account at Placeit by Envato to really find how huge the resource bank is.

The pricing plans are very simple

placeit pricing table

Automation Tools


Snov.io is an outreach automation tool, a must-have for B2B’s. It helps you with lead generation, email sending, email tracking, and email verification.

Our favorite feature of Snov.io is its Email finder tool and it works like charm.

So who should use Snov.io?

  • Sales Teams
  • Lead Generation Teams
  • Business Development Teams
  • Outreach Team
  • Recruiters

Let us share what all can Snov.io do?

  1. Launch Drip Campaigns
    1. Personalized emails
    2. Sales mail sequencing
    3. Automated Followups
    4. Analytics
  2. Verify Emails
    1. Individual email verification
    2. Bulk email verification
    3. Verification through API
  3. Find email addresses
    1. By domain
    2. By company
    3. By name
    4. Advanced search filters
  4. Track sent emails in Gmail
    1. Email tracking of Gmail accounts
    2. Real-time Gmail desktop notifications
    3. Full history of email opens
    4. Reminders for followup
    5. Schedule mails in Gmail
  5. Chrome extensions
    1. Email finder
    2. Email tracker
    3. Email verifier
    4. Technology checker
    5. Mass email merge
  6. Identify website technology
  7. 3rd party integrations
    1. Hubspot / Salesforce / Zoho / Pipedrive / Freshworks CRM
    2. LinkedIn Lead forms / Facebook lead forms
    3. Slack / Trello / Googlesheets / Google Calendar / Google Docs / Google Forms
    4. Twilio / Calendly / Zoom / DocSend / Google Contacts
    5. Zapier
    6. Microsoft Exchange / Gmail / Microsoft Outlook
    7. Autopilot / Mailchimp
  8. API access
  9. Mass email merge for personalized Gmail campaigns

This is one of the least priced tools offering a plethora of features.

The first thing you should do is go ahead and start the FREE PLAN and see why Snov.io is highly recommended.

snov.io pricing table


If you have been a Zapier or Integromat all this while, then you will quickly shift to Integrately after exploring it.

Integrately is 1 Click integration platform that connects 2 or more apps and can automate almost any task you can think of. There are over 2.5 lakh readymade integrations that can be activated with just 1 click.

For example:

  • Adding your Facebook Leads to Gsheet
  • Updating meetings in CRM and Google Calendar
  • Post WordPress blog and send as an emailer

The concept is very simple, if a trigger happens then an action happens, and Integrately very seamlessly connects the 2 apps and passes on the required data.

A typical use case we used as a digital marketing agency is as follows:

  1. Generate a lead using Facebook Lead Ads
  2. Add this lead to a Google Sheet as a row
  3. Send an email to the sales team with lead details
  4. Add this lead to the GetResponse list
  5. Send confirmation SMS to the lead
  6. Send confirmation email to the lead

A simple lead generation leads to 6 different automation which can be handled seamlessly by Integrately.

The pricing is the most competitive in this space.

Offer: You get FREE 500 tasks per month on every referral and you can avail up to 6000 tasks/month forever.

integrately pricing table

Social Media Management Tools


Do you manage one and/or more Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Linkedin company pages, Linkedin accounts, Google My Business listings, WhatsApp groups, Twitter accounts, Facebook groups, Telegram channels, Slack workspaces, and channels or WordPress websites?

Since social media is a huge space and managing each platform efficiently by posting content and keeping your audience engaged can become challenging. If you are a content creator or a content manager then POSTOPLAN is for you. There are many tools like HootSuite, Agorapulse, Buffer, and SproutSocial that aggregate various social media platforms in one common platform.

But, POSTOPLAN beats all of them in terms of pricing and features. You can check the comparison here.

Let us dive directly into what POSTOPLAN offers and what does it cost?

  1. Manage an unlimited number of social media accounts
  2. Graphic editor for creating posts
  3. Post on multiple accounts at once
  4. Unlimited users (team members, clients, employees)
  5. Social inbox at one place to reply on each platform
  6. 700+ calendar post ideas
  7. Unlimited projects
  8. Mass scheduling

The most amazing part is that POSTOPLAN offers a FREE plan as well.

What are the pricing options?

postoplan vip pricing table

Flick – Instagram Hashtag Tool

The verdict is out even before we mention anything, that FLICK is the best best best Instagram Hashtag & Analytics Tool in the market.

If you manage 1 or more Instagram accounts then Flick is a must-have tool. Flick can skyrocket your Instagram account by identifying and analyzing the right hashtags for your account and eventually reaching new and relevant audiences.

So what can Flick do?

  1. Search Hashtags
    1. banned and flagged hashtag checker
    2. 40 suggestions for every search
    3. Filters based on data
    4. Support 20+ languages
  2. Manage Hashtags
    1. Creation hashtag collections
  3. Hashtag Metrics
    1. Ranking for used hashtags
    2. Data-driven insights
  4. Instagram and Hashtag Analytics
  5. Android and IOS Mobile app

What does it cost? Not a lot if you are a serious content creator…


SEO Tools

SEO may be one of the most complicated topics in the world of digital marketing as it’s a huge universe in itself. To make your SEO life easier we bring to you some amazing SEO tools.

Rank Math

A relatively new tool in the digital marketing world, but don’t go by its age. It’s a powerhouse!!! Already giving a strong competition to Yoast SEO which has been in this space for quite a long time.

What makes Rank Math suddenly a choice of every website owner?

  1. Very easy to configure
  2. Import from other SEO tools
  3. Multiple schemas based on your content
  4. Keyword rank tracking
  5. Optimization for 5 keywords for each post
  6. Premium support
  7. and 80+ other amazing features

Do check out the comparison: Rank Math vs Yoast vs SEOPress

If you are a website owner, there is no reason why you should not opt for Rank Math.

The best part about Rank Math is that a majority of its features are FREE.

But you get many more features in their paid plans.


rank math pricing table


rank math vs yoast vs seopress vs aio seo

We will constantly keep adding the latest and best digital marketing tools to this list so that you can get the best out of the online world.

And if you need any help feel free to Contact Us and check out how we can Generate 100 leads in 7 Days for your business.


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